Cateh-Electro - power cable сontrol SIPs XLPE cable and wire in Kiev, Ukraine Завод Катех-Электро - кабель силовой контрольный СИП XLPE шнур провод цены прайса завода купить Киеве Украине

The company was founded on September 6, 1989. At the moment the company employs 263 people and manufacturing facilities are located on an area 4.94 acres.

Plant Catec Electro - an enterprise with foreign investment in the form of a limited liability partnership "Catec-Electro.


What is the uniqueness of the company? Katekh-Electro is the market leader for quality products and the volume of production (sales) products. The plant is a member of the Ukrainian Union of Entrepreneurs, the Ukrainian Association of cable manufacturers and the International Cable Federation (ICF). The plant manufactures and sells power cable, control cable, wire CIP, cable XLPE, various cords and wires.

The enterprise has established a modern high-tech equipment of leading world companies: MAG, ROZENDAHL, ИНВЕРТОРЫ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ , SAMP, CABALLE, TECNOCABLE, SKET; as a factory accredited modern laboratory testing.

Product quality is achieved through the implementation of an enterprise quality management system ISO 9001-2001 from Bureau Veritas and UkrSEPRO.

Why is it advantageous to buy a cable, wire and electrical cord in Catec-Electro?

Because Catec-Electro - a factory-manufacturer of cables, cords and wires, which:

  • price the producer price list
  • finished goods warehouse 40,000 m2
  • significant capacity
  • low purchasing prices for raw materials
  • modern and technological equipment
  • experienced and trained staff
  • Other advantages

Кабель силовой электрический купить цена катех-электро

Prices Price for cable, wire and electrical cord in Kiev (Ukraine)

What are the prices for cable products in Catec-Electro? Prices can be described as a factory. You take the volume? You buy a cable (wire, cable) often means lots? Need special terms of delivery? We have a flexible pricing system. Waiting for your call!

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Deputy Director, "Eneii LLC" Gavshin Igor: buy cable products for Cateh-Electro ago. Why give preference to work with the factory Catec-Electro?

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Director of "Energy Industrial Installation Ltd" Silin Nikita: We, the electrician, it is important to be sure of wires and cables: If this section - it corresponds to the claimed.


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Private person Nogachevsky Vsevolod: I built a house. The cable had to buy quickly. Called at the Epi***. Bought is not all that it was necessary for the project, the second part they had in stock.

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